Muts Cuts is a small, friendly, grooming service, where your dog's welfare will always come first. We offer a calm atmosphere for your dog, and a personal service to you.  Our aim is to make dogs feel as comfortable, safe and relaxed as possible during the grooming process. That way we can make their grooming experience a happy one, and soon they will be enjoying their pampering sessions!


We stop for regular breaks, allowing dogs to leave the grooming table, and go out into our secure garden if they want to. We don't use drying cabinets, and we never put dogs through uneccesary discomfort for the sake of vanity.


So, whether your dog just needs a nail trim, a bath, a full clip or something inbetween, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk with you about the services we can offer, and what will best suit your dogs needs.




Matted Coats


If your dog's coat is badly matted we will assess whether the matts can be removed by grooming. If we feel that the coat is too badly matted to groom without causing undue discomfort to the dog, we reserve the right to clip the dogs coat using  clippers. This will result in a very 'close' cut, as bad matts need to be removed close to the skin. 

Click here to see our matting policy


Aggressive/Anxious Dogs 


We reserve the right to refuse to groom a dog that becomes aggresive during the grooming process. If a dog shows signs of aggression and we are concerned either for our own safety or that of the dog, we will terminate the session immediatly and contact you. If we are unable to continue the groom using a muzzle, we will ask you to collect the dog.The full price of the groom will still be payable. 

Please inform us if your dog has bitten/snapped, or is overly anxious. We can then decide the best way forward for your dog, causing the least stress for everyone.





There are times when, however vigilant we are, we fail to notice that our dog has fleas. If we find fleas during grooming, we will treat your dog immediatley with a flea treatment shampoo.This will incur an additional charge of £5 on to the price of your dogs groom. We will, of course, inform you if we find infestations of any kind on your dog.



Client Consent Form


Before your dogs first groom we will ask you to fill out a Client Consent Form .



Please call us on Mob: 07549 040 316 Landline: 01208 850616 or

use our contact form.

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